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The cricket team, the South African international and the feel good nomination

Many of you will have heard of the latest of social media trend to take the world by storm namely ‘nek-nominations’, the origins of which are debatable but the premise being that someone ‘necks’ a drink and ‘nominates’ a friend to do the same within 24 hours – posting the content on social media to prove it. Some of you will have read tales of those who have taken it too far, but we suspect few of you will have heard how it is now being turned around into a force for positive actions with ‘feel good nominations’.

This morning we received a call from Ben Ferbrache, a member of successful Guernsey Cricket team who will soon be travelling to Malaysia to play in the ICC Division 5 tournament. Their coach Nic Pothas, former South African international wicketkeeper, had been nominated by a friend in his native South Africa and so began the sequence that will no doubt span the entire Guernsey team.

Nic felt that the team could use these opportunities to support local charities and thankfully for us, Ben (and his teammate Tom Kimber) chose to support Autism Guernsey by donating a gift for their feel good nomination. The timing could not have been better as Alex, whom we are supporting through our Independent Living Scheme, will be moving into a new flat next week and will need access to the internet. The Mobile Hotspot device that Ben and Tom donated will help to smooth the transition to the new flat and ensure Alex stays connected throughout. Thanks guys, we’ll certainly drink to that (water of course as you’ll be doing at training).

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