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Autism Awareness Session 1

This 90-minute interactive training session is designed to increase awareness of autism, helping your staff better understand and support colleagues or clients who might be autistic.

The session is suitable for all staff (up to 15 attendees per session) and is delivered from a lived experience perspective. This means some of our trainers are autistic, so they are experts through experience rather than clinicians. We believe this is the most relevant and valuable approach.

The following topics are included:

  • What is autism?

  • Sensory difficulties.

  • Communication.

The session also includes signposting to further reading and resources, and the opportunity for Q&A.

Cost: £400.00 per session.

"Excellent and engaging training session, very thought provoking and useful for anyone who needs to communicate with others effectively, regardless of any additional needs they might have."
"Autism Guernsey delivered the training in a way that made me understand and learn so much – from not knowing anything about autism to being knowledgeable now."
"The training was engaging, relatable, well-presented with just the right amount of interactive activities. I found it very informative and definitely improved my understanding and awareness of autism."
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