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What to Expect


We offer training to organisations that have - or might have - autistic staff and/or clients.

Our training sessions are delivered from a lived experience perspective - some of our trainers are autistic, so they are experts through experience. It is important to understand that lived experience training is not clinical in nature; however, we believe it is the most relevant and valuable approach.

All out training sessions work best when delivered at your premises. We will carry out a brief initial assessment to understand attendees' needs and expectations. We will provide a presentation slide deck, video, and handouts in advance of the session and ask that you provide technical support before and on the day of the training to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Autism Awareness - Session 1 

  • Aim of session: to increase awareness of autism to better understand colleagues or clients who might have autism.

  • Audience: all staff (up to 15 attendees per session) 

  • Length of session: 90 minutes

  • This session covers:

    • What is autism? 

    • What does autism look like?  

    • Sensory difficulties 

    • Communication 

    • Resources 

  • Cost: £400.00 per session​

Please note, this session can be delivered as a webinar or provided as a video asset. Let us know if this is is something you'd be interested in. 

Please contact for more information. 

Reasonable Adjustments for Autism - Session 2

  • Aim of the session: to equip leaders, managers, and HR professionals with a clear understanding of the challenges autistic staff could face in the workplace, and how to offer and make reasonable adjustments.  

  • Audience: leaders and managers who have attended Autism Awareness - All Staff Training (up to 15 attendees per session) 

  • Length of the session: 3 hours

  • This session covers:

    • A recap of the initial Autism Awareness session (specifically, what autism is and the challenges an autistic person might face in the workplace)

    • Understanding autism further (including Theory of Mind, sensory, and socialising)

    • Guernsey legislation and reasonable adjustments 

    • Recruitment practices

    • What can you do? 

    • Action planning 

    • Resources 

  • Cost: £950.00 per session 

Please contact for more information. 

Coming Soon

  • Reasonable Adjustments for Autism - Visit

"Excellent and engaging training session, very thought provoking and useful for anyone who needs to communicate with others effectively, regardless of any additional needs they might have."
"Autism Guernsey delivered the training in a way that made me understand and learn so much – from not knowing anything about autism to being knowledgeable now."
"The training was engaging, relatable, well-presented with just the right amount of interactive activities. I found it very informative and definitely improved my understanding and awareness of autism."
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