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Service Update - 23 Aug 2023

In recent weeks we have lost two members of staff from our team. This has meant significantly increased pressure on our four remaining staff and means, in the short term, we will need to reduce the level of some services we offer.


We receive no funding directly from the States of Guernsey and are reliant for the majority of our funding for staff costs on grants from a number of charitable foundations. These grants need to be renewed on a regular basis and we are currently awaiting the outcomes of a number of such applications. This means we are not in a position to recruit replacements for these posts immediately. However, we should have certainty over this funding by the end of December. This funding would allow us to reinstate the level of service we have previously provided.


As a result, over the coming months, we will be temporarily closing our service to any new referrals, although we will look to offer initial advice to any new contacts. Once the recruitment situation is resolved, we will then look to re-open to new clients.

Julia Watts

Autism Guernsey Services Manager

Get in Touch

Anyone can contact Autism Guernsey. We will arrange a time for you to come into the office for an initial consultation.


If you suspect you are Autistic and are not diagnosed, we will ask you to complete an AQ (Autism Spectrum Quotient questionnaire) and return it to the office before your initial meeting.

Initial Meeting

At your initial meeting you will meet with two Autism Guernsey team members.  At this meeting we will attempt to come up with some potential options to offer you support.

What Next?

Depending on what was discussed at the initial meeting it may be that we further discuss your situation at a referral meeting, if this is the case then one of Autism Guernsey Well Being Facilitators will arrange to meet up with you and plan the best way to support you.


Please note, we only have a referral meeting every 6 weeks.

Autism Guernsey is a small Independent Charity, we receive no funding from the States. Our service delivery is dependent on grants, fundraising events and donations.


Below is an outline of the range of services that we may be able to provide.  For further details please get in touch.


Some of the services we may be able to offer are:

  • Early Bird+ (10 week programme for parents)

  • Teen Life (6 week programme for parents)

  • Sleep programmes (5 week programme for parents and individuals)

  • Well being (18 week programme)

  • Short Term interventions on managing anxiety (6 week programme)

  • Opportunities for Autism specific social groups.

  • Self-guided help using specific resources.

  • Sensory assessment/integration.

  • Workplace reasonable adjustment.

Autism Guernsey is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with autism and their families.

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