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Our Referral Process

To access services and support from Autism Guernsey,  a referral is needed. Our referral process is explained in the diagram below. 





Autism Guernsey (AG) is a small, independent charity. We receive no funding from the States. Our service delivery is dependent on grants, fundraising events and donations. We cannot meet the needs of everyone in Guernsey with autism.

We aim to offer anyone contacting AG an initial consultation to provide advice, strategies or signposting. An initial consultation does not guarantee the offer of a service. If we cannot meet your on-going requirements we will signpost you to relevant services. We work closely with numerous charities that provide services for those with co-morbidities.


You can see some of the services we might be able to provide, below: 

  • Early Bird+ (10 week programme for parents)

  • Teen Life (6 week programme for parents)

  • Sleep programmes (5 week programme for parents and individuals)

  • Short Term interventions on managing anxiety (6 week programme)

  • Opportunities for Autism specific social groups.

  • Self-guided help using specific resources.

  • Sensory assessment/integration.

  • Corporate training


AG is a charity. If you have respectful feedback or have any concerns that we can help with, please let us know. Please treat our team with respect – we will not tolerate or respond to abusive messages and may take further action if necessary. You can find our Complaints Policy on this website under Our Policies

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