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An awesome way to be remembered

Autism Guernsey aims to continue to improve services for adults and children who are on the autism spectrum. The demand for our support and our services is only going to increase and we need to prepare for that.


As a registered Guernsey charity, Autism Guernsey receives no statutory financial backing; we rely on support from the island’s community to provide the service that the Island needs. We hope that once you have provided for those dearest to you, you will leave a gift to us in your will.

It’s not true that only wealthy people leave legacies. Anyone can leave a gift to us when they die. And every gift, large or small, is very important to us.

There are three types of legacy to consider.

  • Residuary legacy: Part or all of your estate (after debts, funeral costs and any other expenses).

  • Pecuniary legacy: A specified cash sum which can be index-linked to safeguard its value.

  • Specific legacy: An item, such as property or a piece of jewellery, to be used or sold by the beneficiary.

A gift in your will is a great way to continue your support for Autism Guernsey. You will be helping autistic adults and children in the years to come.

To include Autism Guernsey in your will, you will need this information:

Charity name: Autism Guernsey
Address: Island House, First Floor (West), La Grande Rue, St. Martin’s, Guernsey GY4 6RU
Registered charity number: CH 419

Please note that making a will should be done with the guidance of a lawyer.

In order to ensure that your will is effective in benefiting those who you intend to benefit, it is recommended that you seek legal advice. ‘DIY’ wills are full of unexpected pitfalls

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