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Thank you to the smiles that rode 52 miles from Sandra!

A lovely letter from sandra to say (1)

Thank you so much to everyone who cycled, helped, donated and supported the 52 Smiles – ride – 52 Miles cycle challenge in aid of Autism Guernsey.

It was fantastic to see so many cyclists on the day, and I hope you all enjoyed the ride  – even if there were a few achy muscles afterwards!

As you know, this event was all about raising funds for Autism Guernsey to help enable them to continue the valuable work they do to support all those impacted by autism.  With this in mind, could I just remind those of you who have not yet handed in sponsorship money to do so at their earliest convenience. Donations can also be made online at, reference ‘Cycle Challenge’.

The ride was also about raising awareness of autism, the challenges faced by those living with the condition and their families, and celebrating and accepting difference and the unique perspective that people on the spectrum can bring to life.

I hope that as well as being an opportunity to enjoy a cycle challenge, this event also gave people a reason to reflect on what autism is; what it means to those of us on the spectrum who are sometimes having difficulty making sense of the world around us.

Special thanks to Adventure Cycles who sponsored the ride; Black Vanilla for publicising and organising the event; Lady Corder for starting us all off; the staff and Board of Autism Guernsey for making my idea a reality; Paul and Julia Watts for spending hours putting up all the pink arrows to guide us (Paul also designed our wonderful scenic route); ATEC and BTS for supplying the letters and poles; Les Cotils for supplying the hot dogs, and Mick for cooking them; Dave Le Page and the Sailing Trust for allowing us to enjoy a ride in the Oppies.

If you would like to learn more about autism and the work that Autism Guernsey do, please visit

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