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Local Business Donates Proceeds to Autism Guernsey

Sales of fidget spinners, the latest craze to sweep through the island’s school playgrounds, will help a local autism charity. Balloonees have donated ten percent of proceeds from every fidget spinner or cube sold during the month of June to Autism Guernsey.

Fidget spinners are small, ball-bearing devices that the user can rotate between their fingers. Fidget cubes feature sensory tools on all sides, such as on/off switch, gears, a rolling ball, a small joystick, a spinning disc, a ‘rubbing stone’ and five buttons.

These toys have attracted a lot of media attention since they hit the shops, with people taking a particular interest into the benefits these are thought to have for those with autism, ADHD or anxiety.

People with autism often suffer from sensory overload, when one or more of the body’s senses experiences over-stimulation from the environment. This can be a particularly uncomfortable state to be in and can cause loss of balance, sudden fatigue, stress and panic. One way people affected by autism help to combat this is to keep their hands busy with a fidget toy, doing this allows the person to concentrate slightly better as part of their brain is occupied on the toy thus calming some of the sensory overload and reducing their anxiety.

Speaking of why he chose to run the promotion in aid of Autism Guernsey, Mark Passmore, owner of Balloonees, comments: ‘Fidget cubes and spinners have been big sellers in the shop since February. After hearing how they can have a calming effect on those with autism or suffering anxiety it was a natural link to promote awareness of the toys. It was also a very good opportunity to support a much-needed local charity at the same time.’

Islanders came out to show support for such a great cause, with the fundraising initiative raising a fantastic total of £973.40.

Julia Watts, the manager of Autism Guernsey, is grateful to Mr Passmore for his idea and support, stating: ‘Autism Guernsey does not receive any statutory funding, so we rely on fundraisers and donations. It is great to have a local business contact us wishing to donate some of their proceeds. Some of the people we work with often have something in their hands to aid with sensory overload, so these fidget spinners and cubes can be a great alternative to the usual toys used.’

If you want more information about fidget spinners and cubes you can visit the Balloonees Facebook page.

For more information on the work Autism Guernsey do please visit their website.

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