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Six Books About the Lived Experience of Autism for Adults

Screenshots of the book covers of the six books mentioned in this article (three at the top: Unmasked, Un-Typical, Drama Queen, and three underneath: What I Want to Talk About, Odd Girl Out, Unmasking Autism).

Reading books written by autistic people about their personal experience is a great place to start if you want to understand the lived experience of autism as an adult.

If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve only met one person with autism; everyone is different.

Here are six enlightening books written by autistic people.


Unmasked by Ellie Middleton 


Ellie Middleton's "Unmasked" is an exploration of her journey through adulthood with autism and ADHD. The book is presented in short chapters with bite-sized chunks of information, making it accessible for, as described by the author, “whizzy brains”.  


Un-typical by Pete Wharmby 


In "Un-typical," Pete Wharmby shares his personal experiences as an autistic adult. Wharmby's narrative offers a unique perspective on navigating everyday life and social norms from an autistic viewpoint, providing both autistic and neurotypical readers with a fresh understanding. The book is a call to arms for anyone who believes in an inclusive society and wants to be part of the solution. 


Drama Queen by Sara Gibbs 


Sara Gibbs' "Drama Queen" is a compelling and heartfelt account of her life as an autistic woman in the world of comedy scriptwriting. Gibbs' honest and humorous narrative highlights the ups and downs of her journey, offering an inspiring and relatable read for anyone interested in the lived experience of autism.  


What I Want to Talk About by Pete Wharmby 


Pete Wharmby makes a second appearance on our list with "What I Want to Talk About". In this book, Wharmby shares the intricacies of the autistic experience by taking readers on a journey through his special interests. This book is funny, revealing, celebratory and powerful, and will resonate with many. 


Odd Girl Out by Laura James 


In "Odd Girl Out," Laura James chronicles her late-in-life diagnosis of autism. James' narrative delves into the unique challenges and insights that come with being an autistic woman; a wide range of topics are explored, including eating disorders and autism, marriage and motherhood. 


Unmasking Autism by Dr Devon Price 


Dr Devon Price's "Unmasking Autism" is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand autism, and promote inclusion. Through a blend of personal experiences and psychological insights, Price examines the phenomenon of masking, making a passionate argument for radical authenticity and non-conformity.


Each of these books offers an unfiltered, enlightening look into the lived experience of autistic adults. They are essential reads for those seeking to understand autism more deeply.  

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