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Do You Need to Recharge Your Battery? 16 Autistic Self-Care Ideas

Updated: Jan 23

Image of a mobile phone charging next to a computer. The mobile phone is charged to 81%.

We rarely let the battery on our mobile phones run out. Our personal energy reserves, though—that's another story.

This is especially true for autistic people.

Navigating a world designed for neurotypical people as an autistic individual is exhausting. There is so much to navigate, from sensory challenges to unwritten social rules.

Self-care can help; it is a great way to recharge your battery and de-stress.

Here are 16 self-care ideas for autistic people:

  1. Creating sensory calm (e.g., baths, candles, nice smells)

  2. Reading books or listening to audiobooks or podcasts

  3. Spending time with people who restore your energy

  4. Spending time in nature or with animals

  5. Using a weighted blanket or stim toys

  6. Wearing headphones or earplugs

  7. Researching special interests

  8. Cleaning, tidying, organising

  9. Dancing to or playing music

  10. Spending some time alone

  11. Playing video games

  12. Having a massage

  13. Being creative

  14. Journalling

  15. Exercising

  16. Sleeping

Which are your favourites?

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