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Autism and Menopause: A Selection of Resources

According to Dr Annabeth Groenman, post-doctorate researcher at the University of Amsterdam, there is "a lack of evidence and knowledge around how autistic people experience menstruation and other major hormonal/reproductive events such as menopause".

Reasons for this lack of information include the fact that autism research has, for many years, focused on children rather than adults, at a time when autism was incorrectly viewed as a male condition.

Thankfully, the conversation is shifting. As menopause is more openly discussed, so too is the intersection between menopause and autism.

This post shares some resources we found insightful. In sharing these resources, we acknowledge that menopause will affect anyone assigned female at birth, including people in the trans and non-binary community. It's crucial to consider the unique experiences of autistic people during this significant life stage.



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