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Wish List

Thank you for your interest in supporting Autism Guernsey. Our charity does not receive any direct statutory funding and therefore we rely on donations in order to to purchase necessary items so we can provide good quality services to the autism community within Guernsey. 

A contribution towards any of the items below would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to purchase an item from the following list, please contact for further information:-

Purchase a Raffle or Auction Prize

A large proportion of the funds raised at our fundraising events comes from raffles or auctions, therefore we are always looking for donations however small.

Purchase a Litre of Petrol for Outreach Meetings – £1.50

Our Wellbeing Facilitators support people out in the community using a lot of petrol which is costly.

Purchase a Lottery Ticket – £5 a month

Our Autism Guernsey lottery provides funding for the range of support we provide in the local community.  Each month there are cash prizes which will increase once more people sign up.

Purchase a Month’s Mobile Phone Contract – £20

A preferred method of communication for people with autism is via text, messenger  or Whatsapp, therefore mobile phones are crucial to our Service.  These phones are for work purposes only,  ensuring compliance with GDPR is maintained.

Purchase an hour’s IT support – £40

All our IT equipment needs regular maintenance. 

Purchase a window blind for our Training Room – £100

In our training room we use a projector to deliver training to parents and professionals which requires the room to be dark.  We have a large number of windows with broken blinds.

Purchase a window blind for our Sensory integration Room – £100

We are creating a new Sensory Integration Room for use by our clients and an Occupational Therapist. We have a large number of windows with broken/damaged blinds.

Purchase a sensory item for the Sensory Integration Room – £100

Sensory dysfunction can be disabling because it interferes with so many ordinary activities of daily life. Sensory integration therapy helps people with autism to lower their reactivity and improve their ability to participate in a wide range of activities.

Purchase a Room Divider – £175

In order to divide our large training room into two separate areas, we need several large office dividers.

Purchase a place at Conference or Training Session for a member of staff – £200+

In order to ensure best practice and maintain team CPD, the team need to attend specific Conferences/Training Programmes.  An example of an accredited training programme is the Earlybird Plus.  This has a 3 year licence and requires re-training every 3 years.  Other examples of CPD and training programmes are Teen Life, Sleep, Attention Autism, Couples, Criminal Justice.

Purchase a Coding Course for a group of individuals with Autism – £500

We currently run a Coding Course for children/young people.  This gives the children/young people the opportunity to learn about computer coding and provides the skills necessary to build basic websites.  A number of adults would benefit from attending an Adult Coding Course.  Coding is a valuable employability skill.  Many researchers and educational experts believe there is a natural fit between skills required for computer programming and natural skills possessed by those on the autism spectrum.

Purchase and install a Fireproof Door – £2,900

To fully utilise our office space to its best advantage, we need to reinstate a fire door in our training room so this can be utilised as two rooms.  We have a quote for this from a reputable company for just over £2,900.

Purchase a private Autism Assessment – £3,000

Many adults find a formal diagnosis of autism brings a sense of relief and confirmation that there are legitimate reasons for their challenges. A diagnosis can also help a person focus on strengths as well as identify and work on areas of difficulty.  They may struggle with getting an Autism Assessment in Guernsey unless they are already known to Mental Health Services.  Their only option is to pay for a private assessment costing in the region of £3,000 which is hugely expensive.

Delivery of a Training Programme – £4,000

Delivery of one of the above training workshops to individuals, parents/carers and professionals.

Delivery of Social Clubs – £8,320

To support the cost of two facilitators to further develop opportunities for adults e.g. an autism specific social club.

Sponsor an additional Well Being & Enablement Facilitator

Due to continued demand for our services, an additional professional member of staff could provide tailored and comprehensive practical support for our clients.

Rent or Purchase a Shop/Premises for a Charity Boutique

This would raise funds for the charity and allow individuals with autism to gain confidence and experience working in a retail environment.  

Purchase or Rent a Charity Hub Building

Autism Guernsey has been operating since 2013 and requires offices which are fit for purpose.  We require shared offices for at least 3 charities including meeting/activity rooms to provide long-term security.

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