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Autism Bear Hunt

Following the massive success of the Puffin Parade, Autism Guernsey is now focusing on its next venture in 2024. As the Parade took nearly 2 years to organise, we have decided on a smaller venture for next year...


Autism Bear Hunt


60 cuddly teddy bears wearing personalised jumpers with sponsors' names and logos embroidered on them will be displayed in windows around Guernsey for the public to find. The sponsors can choose the colour of their jumper from red, navy and bottle green and also any colour embroidery for their logo.


We will again be holding app and quiz competitions for all ages to enjoy commencing in March.


Sponsorship of the Teddy Bears is £350 each and the sponsors get to keep their Bear at the end of the Bear Hunt.

If you would like to sponsor a bear, please complete a sponsorship form (download one below) and email it to Mandy on together with your logo


Watch this space for 2025!

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