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Image by Jonas Jacobsson

Short Talks

In addition to our training, we offer short talks for staff development events and meetings. 

Our talks can last from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your needs, and are delivered by an engaging autistic speaker who shares their lived experience. 

A talk is different to a training session; there are no slides, resources, or activities – just an autistic speaker sharing their story and experience. We like to make time for questions, so attendees are encouraged to think about these in advance. 

Featured Talk: "But You Don't Look Autistic"

Spend an hour with Martine Ellis, our Education Manager, as she shares her story of career change, burnout, and late autism diagnosis. 

Martine found out she was autistic at 43, after many years working in finance and education leadership roles. In her talk, she tells us what it’s like to live with autism, the challenges of masking and energy management, and how learning about her autism helped her.


This talk isn’t just about autism. It’s also about understanding each other better and making our workplaces and lives more welcoming for everyone.


Martine's story is inspiring and shows us how important it is to accept and understand ourselves and others.​

We ask for a minimum donation of £100 for this talk.

"Excellent and engaging training session, very thought provoking and useful for anyone who needs to communicate with others effectively, regardless of any additional needs they might have."
"Autism Guernsey delivered the training in a way that made me understand and learn so much – from not knowing anything about autism to being knowledgeable now."
"The training was engaging, relatable, well-presented with just the right amount of interactive activities. I found it very informative and definitely improved my understanding and awareness of autism."
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